Stop and think; why does Ipswich have such good places to dine out, meet friends and entertain your family? A key influence is the town’s heritage, coupled with opportunities presented by modernity.

Historically Ipswich traded as market town on a river coursing with a bustling port. As such the town has always expected an original supply of goods, both local and from further afield, and this has instilled an innate interest in its culture for good places to eat. This local ethos is unique to Ipswich and it's part of Suffolk, and it comes alive in the varied settings around the town.

The rejuvenated Waterfront takes a lead in places to eat and socialise, but the many options continue through the historic town centre and into the stunning countryside a short journey away.

Visit Ipswich to test this theory; explore the eateries around the Corn Exchange and the Buttermarket.  Stroll along the docks with its old breweries and maltings, now operating as pubs and restaurants respectively. Stay at the Salthouse. Hop on a bus to visit a farm shop and learn more about the region’s foodie heritage.

To search the town for places to eat and drink, scroll through the directory below.



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