The Story of Ipswich & Seahorses...

The Ipswich Coat of Arms has two seahorses on it that represent the town's maritime power and heritage as an internationally significant port town. You can find the Coat of Arms in the architecture of many of Ipswich's most historic buildings, which means there are lots of seahorses hidden across the town to discover!

We've also brought in some colourful seahorse sculptures to help you on the way; there are 10 in total hidden across the town and the waterfront so pick up your copy of the Ipswich Family Trail map and get hunting for seahorses!

Places where you can pick up an an Ipswich Family Trail map:

  • Quay Place (the Family Trail starts here)
  • DanceEast
  • Tourist Information Centre
  • Ipswich Town Hall
  • Ipswich Museum
  • Christchurch Mansion
  • Reg Driver Centre, Christchurch Park

Share your seahorse photos to @allaboutipswich and with #exploreipswich!

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